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    Manufacturer SPIDOCOOK

    SPIDOCOOK specializes in the development and production of products used for professional catering purposes. Technological sophistication, stunning design, and high performance come together in response to the growing needs and demands of creative culinary challenges in modern gastronomy. They can boast of having satisfied thousands of their customers in their 29-year history, and their presence in more than 60 countries around the world – thus justifying the quality and purpose of their products.

    Grills – Toasters

    Their line of contact grills or so-called “toasters” SPIDOGLASS is perfect for use in bars or fast-food restaurants, as it is distinguished by a wide range of products, ease of use, and excellent roasting results. With the help of glass-ceramic contact and table grills you can prepare various dishes; from grilled meat or vegetables to a variety of sandwiches and focaccia. In addition to the high capacity of contact plates, their main advantage is also easy cleaning plates and their safe use. In addition to glass-ceramic toasters, you will also find SPIDOFLAT glass-ceramic table grills for preparing meat and fish, CALDOBAKE electric convection ovens for baking pastries, and other frozen products, specialized CALDOLUX static ovens for slow cooking, and heat savers. Check out the product catalog and make SPIDOCOOK part of your story.

    Grills – Toasters
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