Everlasting is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment for catering use. Their specialty is the production of refrigerators, refrigerated workbenches, table pizza showcases, instant refrigerators, refrigeration chambers, and other professional refrigeration equipment. Thanks to more than 60 years of expertise in refrigeration and the provision of innovative, high-quality solutions, Everlasting has established itself not only in the domestic market but also in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, all synonymous with “made in Italy”. Quality and efficiency are, in fact, the keywords that guide their production – in order to offer a range of reliable equipment for the most functional organization of the workspace.

    Dry Aging Cabinets – MEATICO

    Meatico is a project managed entirely by the parent company Everlasting Refrigeration, which was developed with the help of experts from various fields of the meat and cheese industry. The main emphasis of development was based on high quality and the very attractive design of dry-aging cabinets. Meatico is not just a simple refrigeration cabinet for storing food, but a professional device developed specifically for the purpose of curing and dry-aging meat and cheese. The product line consists of MEAT GREEN, MEAT PANORAMA with additional glazing on the back for even more attractiveness and the ALL IN ONE model, which enables curing and dry-aging of an even wider range of your products. The main features of Meatico dry-aging cabinets are reflected in the high-quality materials as the best AISI 304 stainless steel is used, easy cleaning of the interior, thanks to the rounded corners, and complete removability of internal shelves and brackets. With the help of the Everlasting app, control and management over operation will be even easier and more consistent. Check out the Meatico catalog and find a dry-aging cabinet that will fulfill your ambiance.

    Dry Aging Cabinets – MEATICO