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    The passion and love for wine and the pleasures of tasting it are the inspiration of the Italian designers of EXPO srl, which is reflected in the unique collection of top wine cabinets with a perfect sense of elegance. The perfect relationship between industrial production and manual work in combination with the highest quality materials leads to the result, as EXPO products simply cannot go unnoticed. All products are made entirely in our own production near Turin.

    Wine Showcases

    Are you equipping the bar, restaurant, or wine shop and want to stand out with your ambiance? With the selection of wine cabinets from the manufacturer Expo, you will surely and justifiably achieve a purpose that will be envied by all the competition. Every wine lover and connoisseur knows how important the correct position of the bottle and the ideal temperature of the wine when serving are, and at the same time the display case must blend in with the ambiance and emphasize the perfect details. We offer innovative solutions with reduced depth, as well as traditional wine cabinets with wooden decors. All models of wine showcases can be customized to your requirements with the help of the configurator and allow your wine shop to shine in its greatest splendor together with the offered wine labels. Check out the catalog in the product line and secure your perfect wine showcase.

    Wine Showcases
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