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    Founded in 1995 as part of a group of companies with more than 70 years of experience in stainless steel processing, Techfrost was one of the first companies in the market to specialize in the production of quick coolers and freezers (shockers). They are currently present in more than 80 countries around the world with more than 25 years of experience. Since their establishment, their guide to success has been to offer their customers – top chefs and confectioners – a quality and effective product for the realization of their creative ideas, professional culinary and confectionery knowledge.

    Blast Chillers – Freezers

    Blast chillers or shockers, as most people know them, are nowadays an indispensable element of the kitchen equipment of every top catering or confectionery plant. Proper use in combination with the regeneration function greatly helps not only to reduce the amount of discarded food but also to improve the taste and juiciness of the dish, at the expense of the microcrystals created during the sudden so-called “shock” cooling. Techfrost quick coolers are divided into three lines according to desire, need, and purpose of use. The MASTER line represents their top-of-the-line line of refrigerators to meet the highest customer requirements. 100 mm of isolation, a USB interface for reading HACCP data, and a touch screen are just some of the features that separate it from the “ENTRY” entry line. The ENTRY line boasts simplicity without compromising functionality, as it includes all the key functions of rapid cooling and freezing, as well as a basic temperature probe.

    Blast Chillers – Freezers
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