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    Manufacturer FEUMA

    FEUMA boasts more than 80 years of history – founded by German entrepreneur Paul Lippke in 1937. Initially, the company manufactured devices for measuring humidity, but since 1949 they have focused only on the production of specialized machines for use in catering. FEUMA is currently part of the larger Swiss holding company ROTAG HOLDING AG. Due to their quality and reliability, they are considered to be the leading manufacturer of universal machines and devices for cooking. In 2018, at the Intergastra trade fair in Stuttgart, they received the award for the best machine manufacturer in the quality of such products and supply reliability.

    Universal machines

    Feuma’s universal fruit, meat, and vegetable processing machines are designed for a variety of applications, with high performance and easy and safe operation. All parts are made of stainless steel, which ensures the durability of the product and its long life, as well as compliance with all HACCP standards for use in professional kitchens. With a wide range of attachments according to individual needs for processing capacity, they offer you grating, pureeing, crushing, scraping, peeling, mixing, and chopping smaller and larger quantities of vegetables. The biggest advantages of the mentioned machines and devices are the modularity of different attachments and mobility with the help of different bases on wheels. All you need is an electrical connection with the right power and the preparation of vegetables can begin.

    Universal machines
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