• Dehydrator of organic Waste SBM MASCHINEN

    Manufacturer SBM MASCHINEN

    The company was founded in 1994 in the German city of Malsch with the aim of producing professional systems for the dehydration of organic waste. Ever since their establishment, their vision has led to an increase in production capacity in 2006. All their products, as well as components, are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

    Waste Management System

    Waste Management System – an organic waste treatment system is an innovative technology that, together with long-term experience, enables SBM systems the most efficient and environmentally friendly treatment of organic waste produced in large kitchens. Have you ever seriously wondered how much waste costs you? In fact, where people eat, there is also waste that needs to be stored, cooled, and disposed of. All of the above entails an enormous amount of storage and removal costs. Wondering why SBM is the ideal solution to reduce these costs? 80% of the content in organic waste is water, so the dehydration of organic waste reduces costs to 1/5, which can return your investment in the purchase in 2 years. SBM systems are available as stand-alone units SBM 1 ELITE or a modular system that includes components MILL, PRESS-dehydrator, and TANK. For more information, browse the catalog or contact us and together we will find a suitable solution to reduce your costs at the expense of produced organic waste.

    Waste Management System
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